your money is not infinite

If you have any influence architectural decisions the software in the place where you work, and the company or institution No There is infinite wealth, here it is 10 Insights And the lessons learned from me after having some experience in this important industry.

money is not infinite

especially if the company primary stage Or he doesn’t have high leverage investments.

Any technical decision must be based on this, which makes it more important below compared to others.

Technology must go with business

you have to know when to say NoBut on the other hand, rejecting what the business asks for can put its own trading at risk,

Put yourself in the place of the party interested in the software product.

simple architecture

No matter the model, need, scale and promise, there will always be an easy way And less expensive to solve the problem.

It is your role to always make an effort to ensure this. select stack and simple architecture, standardized And it provides onboarding facility.

️ Complexity suffocates business

very easy to implement Complex, either at the architectural level or in a particular software component. We usually seek to value premises unconsciously Ego and imagination.

But over time, it strangles the business in such a way that it becomes impossible to re-simplify the complex, so the company needs a lucky Strike and inflow of money to hire more people And keep the complexity going.

Easy things are hard to do but not impossible, Most likely your project it’s not that special To justify a lot of complexity.

Small Steps

Bad Decisions Happen Eventually, So It’s Important Break down decisions and experiments into smaller deliverables To verify whether a particular solution makes sense for the business.

deliver all at once women Small business slowly. and delivery is on ProductionNot in a homogenous environment.

trust the team

It is necessary to promote trust among everyone in the team, so that Don’t Boycott Ideas That people don’t and don’t bring up micro-management of the code.

you are not a litter,

️ Transparency

should reflect the development process work and resultsNot a staff hour report or a specific person.

By promoting transparency, the need to report good What each one does, so it also avoids those 3 months of pull/change requests that never leave the approval environment.

process should scream,

Experiment! = playground

have a culture of experimentation important for business, but we can’t let it go so it turns into a Playground of unfinished things in the production environment.

don’t play with others money,

Hire career starters

And take advantage of this culture with pair-programming and automated testing environments.

The project, full of “ninjas” and pseudo-leaders, does not leave the place. And if he leaves, it’s because he was lucky that the man with some money believed the promise of the business.

fostering a culture of continuous learning,

don’t count on luck

Finally, if possible rely only on cash,

Leave fate to the fools, Use company money honestly and fostering a culture of experimentation and knowledge sharing.

Money runs out, don’t rely on luck and don’t play with other people’s money!

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